Vintage market


Last weekend me and my mom visited a vintage market in Monica del Garda (Italy). I probably have never seen so many beautiful, unique and old things. By the way, there were not only vintage things but also new handmade. I don’t know about you, but for me, handmade is always better than something being bought in a store. I guess it is a feeling that you are almost the only person who has something like this.

If you are a big lover of designer bags, and not only, I HIGHLY recommend you to visit this kind of market because there always are at least some people who sell them. But they are cheaper and has their own history. This market was full of designer bags. I couldn’t look away from classic black Chanel bags. They were so pretty and about the half price.

And, of course, I can’t forget about amazing vintage accessories like sun-glasses, pins, ear-rings, necklaces,  etc. I fell in love with one pin, and can you believe – it was from the 50s of last century!

Expect the clothes, there were amazing pieces for decor and home. Just look at those magical vintage gnomes! I already see them in some small garden near the alley.

For music lovers there was a huge stand with vintage and modern CDs and records. For around 30€ you could’ve become a happy owner of The Beatles or Elvis Presley disk.

If you ever have a vintage market near your place, visit it. You don’t necessarily have to buy something, but just enjoy the beautiful things. As was said “Collect memories, not things”. 

















Simple little things






Your eyes, your lips, your mouth
Your thighs, your back, you drive me wild

Have you ever noticed how grown up you’ve became? How much experince you’ve got?  It always makes me smile when I notice that I’ve grown up in a day and  became more mature than my yesterday self. But funny thing: I don’t want to grow up but I like to see myself growing up and learning new things about life and relationships with people. I would never switch 17 years old me to more younger ‘version’. I am not completely happy with who I am and where I am but it is just work in progress.