How to pack light


Have you ever faced the problem of packing on a trip and not being able to fit all you ‘need’ in a hand-luggage? I definitely have. But the necessity of regularly travelling with only the hand-luggage made me thinking about how I can change this. That’s how I came up with 5 rules of my travelling rutine.

By the way, my suitcase is from eBay.

1.Make a list. A week before the trip, start writing down every necessary(!) thing you’ll need, like toothbrush and the toothpaste (if you don’t stay in a hotel). Don’t try to list everything in one try. Add one or two things everyday. And if you remember something you need to take immediatly add it to the list. I personally plan everything in the notes on my iPhone. And after a couple of trips I’ve already have a list of my Must-haves.

2.Make outfits. Don’t take with you random pieces of clothes. First, make outfits, photograph, then choose the best, pack. These four easy steps are also perfect for everyday life 🙂


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3.Roll your clothes. It really does save space.

4.If possible put on the most massive peacies of clothes. Lets imagine, you want to take your favourite jacket, but it takes like a looot of space. Instead of putting it in the suitcase, you can wrap it around your waist and voila! By the way, it is hella cold in the airplanes, so you’d probably need it.

5. Remember, that you won’t use at least from 40% to 60% of thing you take. So always think twice.


Form of nostalgia





I’ve never had the inspiration to post this outfit. And I have it in my drafts for like 2+ months. Although  I like it very much.

Anyway, last month was the craziest of this year. That’s why there were not much content in August. But now, September 9th, when the weather is colder, the day is shorter, it is such a pleasure to look back on those day spent in the North of Italy. If you ever wonder what I’m wearing: top – Calliope, shorts – vintage, shoes – Converse, bag -Bata.

As autumn is coming very fast, day by day, go outside and spend as much time out as possible. And catch every last ray of sunshine.

Summer in 100 words


While writing the post about 100 things to do this summer, I came up with an idea of putting my 92 summer days in 100 words. Here what came out:

House hunting. Lections. X-men. Wedding. Packing. Moving out.  Summer plan. Book shopping.  Bo Burnham. Exams. A+. Back home. Weekends. Painting. On the road. Flight. Brescia. Lago Di Garda. Vacation. Rest. Relax. No internet days. Verona. New lens. Swimming pool. 80/10/10.  The Beatles. Chinese Oreo. Storm. Ombre. Shopping. The Yes man. Coconut water. Dry lavender. Tomatoes. Pancakes. Bunny. Gardaland.  Blog relaunch. Bianca the dog. Vintage market. Day on the beach. Jam. Deserts as art. Comics. Octopus. Tropical rain. Walking alone. Milano. Luck. 1 AM. Sunny. Unpacking. Sketchbook decor. The Game of Trones. Vegan. Studying. Selling clothes. Dandelion wine. Packing. Moving to other city. Cleaning. Organizing. Birthdays.  Sunsets. Ice cream.  School shopping. New schedule. Quartan school week.  Autumn moodboard. DIY decor. Back to school.

August moodboard

Agt16_mb1 Agt16_mb2

*can you tell I do every moodboard in one color?*

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August playlist:

🎵Ed Sheeran – U.A.I

🎵The Beatles – Lemon Tree

🎵 Soha – Mil pasos

🎵Soleima – Once was

Breakfast ideas


As growing up, I’ve always kept hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and how important it’s to eat your breakfast everyday. But a decision what to eat has always being a struggle for me. Until I’ve found out about an oatmeal. No matter how big is my love to oatmeal I quit eating it at summer as there are so many fresh fruits and it would be a crime no to eat them 😀 Yet  there are days when I want something more filling like toast.

Anyway, I made this post for those (like me), who puzzle their head over what to have for breakfast.

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Vintage market


Last weekend me and my mom visited a vintage market in Monica del Garda (Italy). I probably have never seen so many beautiful, unique and old things. By the way, there were not only vintage things but also new handmade. I don’t know about you, but for me, handmade is always better than something being bought in a store. I guess it is a feeling that you are almost the only person who has something like this.

If you are a big lover of designer bags, and not only, I HIGHLY recommend you to visit this kind of market because there always are at least some people who sell them. But they are cheaper and has their own history. This market was full of designer bags. I couldn’t look away from classic black Chanel bags. They were so pretty and about the half price.

And, of course, I can’t forget about amazing vintage accessories like sun-glasses, pins, ear-rings, necklaces,  etc. I fell in love with one pin, and can you believe – it was from the 50s of last century!

Expect the clothes, there were amazing pieces for decor and home. Just look at those magical vintage gnomes! I already see them in some small garden near the alley.

For music lovers there was a huge stand with vintage and modern CDs and records. For around 30€ you could’ve become a happy owner of The Beatles or Elvis Presley disk.

If you ever have a vintage market near your place, visit it. You don’t necessarily have to buy something, but just enjoy the beautiful things. As was said “Collect memories, not things”. 

















July moodboard



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July playlist:

🎵The Strumbellas – Spirits

🎵The Beatles – Twist and shout

🎵The Beatles – I’ve just seen a face

🎵Lana Del Rey – Young and beautiful

I know what you did this summer or 100 ideas to spend your vacantions


For me, summer is second exciting season of the year (after spring, of course) and this always pushes me to spend time as good as possible. But very often I have to face with a problem when I have no idea what I want to do. After hard school days all I want is to cover myself with blankets and watch TV shows. Although I would not last even a week. Mostly this is why I came up with an idea to create a post with 100 ideas to do this summer. Maybe someone has trouble like me too 🙂

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April moodboard

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April playlist:

🎵The 1975 – Somebody else

🎵Troye Sivan – Happy little pill

🎵Troye Sivan – Talk me down

🎵Stephen – Crossfire

🎵Stephen – Sincerely


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